1. Watertight seal around the lid
2. Automated pressure release valve
3. Easy to open Double step latches
4. Soft grip Handle
5. Mounting eyes for padlocks
6. Mounting eye for removable shoulder strap
7. Stackable
8. Thick durable body
9. Additional mounting points
10. Full length hinge
11. Nylon corrosionfree pins
12. Pluck foam (option in all cases)
13. Space for personalized screenprint
14. Space for domed label
All cases are IP67 tested and certified. This means that it is fully protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 mins.

The case has been fully produced out of plastics so that our cases are completely corrosionfree. Bottom and lid are produced out of polypropylene plastic with as result a shockproof case.

All pins are nylon based and the hinge covers the complete width.

The latches are two step based. This system is simple and intuitive to use. It also gives the advantage to close the case with little effort, but with great strength.

The handlebar is made out of rubber. This gives a pleasant feel, has flexibility but remains strong.

Technically all cases have been thought out till the finest detail. And as quality is of great importance with use of a MAX case, we produce all parts ourself in our factory in Italy. This gives us the possibility to easliy give a minimum guarantee of 5 years.

all of the IP67 certificates of the sold cases are in our posession. If needed you can email us with the request of receiving a copy of these certificates. Email:

At this very moment we are busy finishing the Mil specification testing and certification. A number of models have been certified STANAG 4280 DEF-STAN81-41. At the moment all has been finished, it will be mentioned on the website. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed as one of the first.