Max 750H400 black trolley
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Internal: 75 x 48 x 40 CM

€ 334,50
Price per 1



816 x 540 x H 426 mm  32.12x21.26xH16.77 inch
750 x 480 x H 400mm  29.52x18.90xH15.75 inch
60+340 mm  2.36x13.38 inch
12.1 Kg
-30 / 90°C (-22 / 194°F)

  • Cubed foams
  • Custom foam
  • Screen print
  • Sticker
  • Resign label

Perfect alternative fo a Peli 1660, Storm 3075, SKB 3i-3021-18, Explorer 7641 or HPRC2800/W

What does MAX say? 
The biggest we have! Stackable transport and storage case.

  • Standard trolley system
  • Fits a lot! Really...  A lot!
  • because of the IP67 rating it needs 7 clips to open and close.

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